Right now

August, 2023 — Bergen, Norway

No update last month, since the entire month of July is summer break - for me and for the rest of H&G.

Waterlillies on a pond, in color pencils

[↑] Did mostly pencil sketches this summer.

A red hot air balloon in mid-air, suspended between massive, blue and purple clouds

Spent my summer on an island off the western coast of Norway. Here's some pictures of of the sky at various points during the summer:

A stormy, slate grey sky filled with dark, dramatic clouds, stretching out to sea.

A vibrant purple dusk with low pink/orange clouds just above a mountain range marking the horizon

During the summer break I played a bit of Hitman (of course), and some Project Zomboid (though I think I might be done with that one until the next major update, version 42). Got back into Cyberpunk 2077 briefly. Very excited to play Phantom Liberty, once it's out. Also played through the first episode of Telltales latest tale, The Expanse: A telltale series.

Looking forward to Starfield in september, and Alan Wake 2 in october.