Right now

(January, 2023 – Bergen, Norway)

We've had some delays on the project Nenia vertical Slice. Still, we're on track to finish it by the end of February:)

Since the holidays we've started up work on our new game concept and so far a lot of my time has been spent on worldbuilding, narrative exploration, and visual development. In the course of the next few months we'll also be exploring procedural storytelling techniques in a series of prototypes.

Most of my time playing games has been devoted to the newly released "Steam version" of Dwarf Fortress. I played the original a lot while I was studying design. I've also been getting into Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Switch, in a very casual way.

Thinking about the evolutionary justification for consciousness. Neroimaging tells us that the decisions we think we consciously make have in fact already been made before we are aware of them. If consciousness is only a passenger, observing the actions of the subconscious part of the human mind, mistakenly attributing those decisions to itself, what function does it serve? What evolutionary benefit does it provide to justify keeping it?